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SMT Production Line Machine
SMT Production Line Machine
ETA is the leading SMT factory solution provider in China, offering professional SMT factory building solution and service. We have more than 25year experience about building SMT factories, offering full line solutions for global clients with our great advantaged sources. Our company is committed to serving customers all over the world. Our products cover SMT equipment (smt line, SMT stencil printer, SMTAOI, SPI, pick and place machine, reflow oven, PCB handling equipment), DIP equipment (plug-in line, wave soldering machine, assembly line, belt line), test equipment, packaging equipment, etc. .Pick and place machine is main machine in the SMT production line. 
Professional SMT solutions good price, good quality and good oversea service. We can provide different SMT line, SMT assembly line, SMD line, SMT production line, PCB assembly line according to your requirements.
We also is the partner of JUKI pick and place machine and Hanwha/Samsung pick and place machine, can provide the best SMT technical services and accessories support for JUKI, Hanwha/Samsung, YAMAHA, PANASONIC brands.
Let’s introduce of JUKI and HANWHA pick and place machines.
JUKI pick and place machine Such as: JUKI RS-1R, JUKI RX-7R, JUKI-JX350, JUKI KE-3010A, JUKI KE-3020VA, JUKI KE-2080, JUKI KE-2070, JUKI KE-2060, JUKI KE-2050 etc.
HANWHA pick and place machine :HANWHA SM471 plus, HANWHA SM481 plus, HANWHA SM482 plus etc..
Different products have different requirement, we can recommend according to our experience and customer’s budget, we will make suitable solution according to client’s specific situation and requirement. Please contact us whenever you need SMT full line solutions.
SMT Production Line Led production line

 PCB Assembly Line Video